@2016 Clare Granger.

19 Two in a Canoe_edited_edited.jpg

Two in a Canoe Oil on Canvas


27 Boy in a Boat.JPG
Boy in a Boat Oil on Canvas
50 x 60 cm 
1 At Sunrise.JPG

At Sunrise

Oil on Canvas

100 x 120 cm 

3 Morning Outing.JPG

Morning Outing

Oil on Canvas

100 x 120

Walking to the River 70 x 70cm.JPG

Walking to the RIver

Oil on Canvas 70 x 70 cm 

14 Out for the Day.JPG

Out for the Day Oil on Canvas

100 x 80 cm 

Yellow Ribbon Oil on Canvas

60 x 70 cm

Ochre Hat 70 x 60cm.JPG

Ochre Hat Oil on Canvas 

70 x 60 cm 

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Man on Bicycle, India Oil on Canvas

60 x 70 cm

Taking the boat out 50 x 60cm.JPG

Taking the Boat Out Oil on Canvas

50 x 60cm

9 Elephant and Boy.JPG

Elephant and Boy Oil on Canvas

100 x 100cm. 

Morning RIde.JPG
Morning Ride
 Oil on Canvas
70 x 70 cm
 Figure in Orange Oil on Canvas
25 x 30cm
At Sunset 50x40.JPG
At Sunset Oil on Canvas
50 x 60 cm