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Information and Pricing

Having a Portrait Painted

If you are thinking about having yourself or someone else painted then do contact Clare to have a chat about it.


Clare normally starts with a visit during which the idea for the portrait is discussed including where the portrait is to be done, the background, clothing etc.

Thereafter 4-5 sittings would be needed which usually last two and half to three hours a time with breaks. People seem to find the process quite enjoyable!

To make and enquiry send an email to 
or go to the Contact Page   

Prices start from: 


Head and Shoulders.  £3250

Half Length.                  £4350

Three Quarter.              £4700

Full Length.                  £5800

Double Portrait  From £6000

Group Portrait.   From £7700

The price will vary slightly subject to the complexity of the composition.


Gallery Works

If you are interested in one of the paintings shown on this site or to see other new works by Clare then please either contact her via the Contact Page or one of the two galleries below:

Cricket Fine Art, Chelsea

Brian Sinfield Gallery, Burford

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